Why Every Start-Up Entrepreneur Should Have Virtual Support

coming soon logoEstablishing a new company can be hard work especially if you are attempting to do everything on your own. While being the sole director allows you to manage and oversee these start-up phases, you can end up doing a poorer job as a result. After all, you may spread yourself too thin having to allocate time to too many jobs. To help you prioritise your schedule while still getting everything done, we’d recommend hiring some sort of virtual support for the following reasons.

Reduced Costs and Effort

First of all, outsourcing tasks such as message taking, data entry and copywriting is much more affordable than hiring full-time staff to do the same job. While the wages may be more per hour, you’ll only have to pay your assistant for the time they work. Outside of this, they won’t cost you a penny!
You will also free up your time so you can focus on more important areas of your start-up. Hiring some virtual support to take care of the menial corporate tasks will then leave you with additional time to work on finding leads, working for clients and promoting your new business. These areas are the real money bringers and should be your top priorities!

Decreased Office Space

Since you’re establishing a commercial start-up, you probably won’t want to spend a lot of money on rent. The virtual PA helps you lower your lease costs by giving you a variety of business services without the need for an extra desk at your office. Thus, you can still hold onto that small but cosy workplace and expand your staff at the same time. They will also provide their own equipment, saving you from having to buy and store this extra gear in your office!

Added Project Flexibility

When running a business, you never know what will arise especially since you’re just starting. Hiring a virtual assistant will give you added flexibility in dealing with a range of situations. To give you an idea of exactly what we mean, here are some examples in which you may find yourself in a pickle:
There may be a need to work after hours on an urgent client project
Potential customers may phone your closed office on the weekend
You may suddenly find yourself with too many incoming calls to cope
While you could bring in additional staff to handle these matters, the overtime wages can be downright costly. Instead, you can hire some virtual support to take care of all unexpected matters without costing you a fortune in the process.

No Taxes and Benefits

Lastly, it’s important to remember that these outsourced assistants are working for you on a contractual basis. Since they are not full-time staff members, you will find that you do not need to pay virtual PAs business taxes or corporate benefits such as insurance, sick pay or holiday time. Thus, you’ll gain all of the advantages of more permanent employees without the need to cover all of these financial obligations at the same time. As a start-up entrepreneur, this bottom line benefit is important as it provides you with more capital during these early stages.
As you can see, establishing your new business with the assistance of an external assistant is a smart idea. Not only will you free up your time and reduce the effort required but you will also bring in a host of financial bonuses simultaneously. As a business savvy entrepreneur, you should make it your top priority to seek out one of these qualified local professionals as soon as possible! The rewards that you get will make this step completely worthwhile.

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